My Story

Hello, my name is Carol.    

 As a young girl, my first spending money from early grade school was spent at Woolworths, buying a rhinestone brooch! Sparkly jewelry is deep in my DNA, no getting around it! My first love!    

I love great looking statement jewelry; the kind of bib/collar "statement" pieces you would see around the neck of a runway model, and if lucky, on you and me! It's time to wear them, and not just at home, but also when you travel.   

How do you take these with you on a trip? Up to now, it has been difficult to safely pack them; forget about how my packing material looked. I've wrapped my pieces in disposable diapers, bubble wrap, hand towels, foam ... tried it all. I needed a solution for protecting my necklaces while traveling, and oh wouldn't it be nice if the protection fit the look of the necklace? In other words, it should be lovely enough to match your pretty statement pieces.    

Introducing Velvet Paddock – the smart and stylish solution for traveling with your statement jewelry. The centerpiece of Velvet Paddock is the 10” x 10” velvet board. Beautifully designed in grey velvet, the board is lightweight and constructed to stabilize even the heaviest of necklaces so they won’t move around, which is key to traveling.   

Soft as a glove straps, combined with magnetized clasps, provide the flexibility to accommodate virtually all necklace sizes. In addition, the board has a set of pre-cut slits on the top and the bottom for placement of those thin chains that can get easily tangled.    

The velvet board is combined with a double zip, padded velvet bag, which is large enough to securely hold 2-3 boards with jewelry. The case cushions and protects your jewelry, and opens flat like a book so you can easily and safely insert and remove the boards with your jewelry in place.

I have now added a new board designed for earrings and bracelets.

This board was designed using the same 10" x 10" dimension so you can put both boards back to back in one case.

This earring/bracelet board has velvet strips that move up and down allowing for earrings and bracelets of all different shapes, sizes, and lengths to be accommodated. Nicely enough, you get to see ALL your pieces at one time! No more carrying a multitude of pouches and never knowing what’s inside.

Velvet Paddock will indeed change the way you safely and securely travel and store your statement jewelry. For additional details and to place an order, please visit our store.   

Thank you for your interest in Velvet Paddock. Safe travels to you and your jewelry.