What is Velvet Paddock? 

Browse our FAQ questions to learn more about what Velvet Paddock is, and how it can make your travel experience SO much better!  

VP Jewelry boards have been meticulously designed to make sure you have no more tangled jewelry. No more worries about what to do with that awkward box or bag with all your treasures in it. We've got you covered!

Q. What is Velvet Paddock?

A: Velvet Paddock is a revolutionary solution for taking your jewelry with you when you travel. If you are still using makeup bags, cardboard jewelry boxes, plastic bags, jewelry rolls or other travel "solutions", Velvet Paddock will completely change your travel experience. Once you reach your destination or your hotel room and you're ready to go out and start your day (or evening!), off you go. And no more of this:

Q: Can more than 1 board fit into the double zip outer case?

A: Yes, 2 necklace boards filled with your jewelry or 1 necklace board and 1 earring/ bracelet board filled with jewelry. We recommend placing the boards back to back. 

Q: Can the boards fit into a hotel safe?

A: Almost all, except for the tiniest of safes. The boards fit into the small room safes on most cruise liners and hotel room safes. The zippered case opens flat like a book so simply lift out the board - seeing all your pieces at one time. No more hidden jewelry in tons of little pouches!

Q: Why can’t I pack the board flat?

A: You certainly can if you wish! The unique benefit of this design is that it takes up no more than a half inch of space when slipped vertically down the side of your carryon. You can keep your eyes on your jewelry and nothing budges- so stable and secure. Like this:


Q: Is the necklace board meant only for the really large runway necklaces?

A: Not at all. Perfect for statement necklaces but equally great for long skinny chains that typically get tangled or broken when traveling. Multiple necklaces can fit onto one board . Great for home storage too! 



Q: Who designed this?

A: A woman who likes to travel and was frustrated that she had to leave behind her big, designer necklaces! Her past experience left some of her favorite pieces broken and tangled. Her solution? Creating the perfect jewerlry travel ensembles! Now, no more shifting. Soft mesh, patented straps and magnets snug up jewelry so nothing budges even when placed in the preferred travel position which is vertically down the side of a carryon bag. Meet Carol...

See Carol demonstrate how easy it is to pack and go!


Velvet Paddock is perfect for all your travel solutions, and is the ideal gift for brides or the woman who has everything!  Our travel boards come in both our Deluxe Collection with a luxe velvet case, and our Sport Collection for women on the go.

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