11 Tips For Packing Your Carry-On Like A Pro!

How To Pack Jewelry In Your Carry-On

Packing for a trip can often feel like trying to solve a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle…or even a fight to the death with your suitcase, punching, jumping, and sitting on it in an effort to squash the contents and zipper it quickly shut. These 11 tips for packing your carry-on like a pro can help! Poor packing can minimize the availale space in your suitcase, wrinkle your clothing, damage your jewelry, and make unpacking a nightmare. 

As seasoned travelers, we have picked up a thing or two on how to travel smartly with a carry-on, whether you choose to check an additional bag or not.

What should I take on the plane with me?

The art of arranging the carry-on can make or break your travel experience. An abundance of carry-on checklists can be found on the internet, but we have included a few neat tricks and items that will make your travels simple and enjoyable.

11 Essential Items to Pack in Your Carry-On

1. Copies of important documents
In the event (God forbid!) that you lose your wallet or phone, having a copy of your driver’s license, passport, visa, boarding pass, flight itinerary, and major credit card will prove invaluable.

2. Power Bank & Charger
Having a whole extra charge for your phone can prove a lifesaver when you land in a foreign place and your phone is at 5%. Always keep your charger with you as well should you find yourself stranded and low on battery.

3. Medication
Nothing puts a dent in a perfectly planned vacation like lost luggage, except lost luggage with essential medications in it. Never pack medications into your checked baggage. Keep a small pill bottle in your carry-on with extra doses should unforeseen circumstances result in a prolonged trip. 

4. Entertainment
A window seat is awesome, but one can only stare out of a window for so long (or down the aisle) before the novelty wears off. Pack an e-reader, headphones, magazine, or paperback book (steer clear of the heavy paperbacks!).

5. Travel Size Toiletries
Unforeseen situations arise: a missed flight, delays, emergency landings, and lost or stolen luggage are just a few. Therefore, having a small can of dry shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, baby wipes and deodorant can do wonders for your mood should your trip get sidetracked. Throwing a hat in there can also help to cover up that second day greasiness!

6. Change of Clothing
For the potential predicaments mentioned above, being prepared with a clean change of clothes can do wonders to ease some of that anxiety. Roll a pair of socks and underwear into a light shirt. This should take up barely any space in your carry-on. The air on planes is notoriously chilly, so wear a sweatshirt or light jacket, or choose to tie one around your waist. If you are bringing a carry-on only, roll your clothes tightly to save room and prevent wrinkles.

7. Jewelry
Traveling with jewelry is actually a great idea as it can take a basic, practical travel outfit, and dress it up differently for several different days. However, jewelry is one of the most stolen items from checked luggage.  Keep your treasured bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings completely organized in your carry-on. Velvet Paddock offers smart and stylish jewelry organization for travel. These magnetic boards keep your jewelry separate and ensure they don’t wind up in a tangled mess!

8. Satisfying Snacks
I mean honestly, who are they kidding with those tiny bags of nuts? We are people, not Barbie dolls! Stow a sturdy, yet packable, lunch bag inside your carry-on with raw veggies (broccoli and baby carrots travel well) and individual cups of Ranch dressing; peanut butter-stuffed pretzels for that “snacky” craving and a dose of protein; to-go oatmeal in the cups…just ask for hot water! Fruit snacks or fruit bars take up very little space, and of course something chocolate!

9. Collapsible Water Bottle with a Filtering System
After you get through security, you can fill one (or two) of these big guys up with enough water to keep you hydrated throughout the trip. Holding an average of 26 ounces of H2O, these nifty devices roll up smaller than a pair of socks!

10. Sleep Aids

3 things to help make your flight go by faster and get you to your destination rested and alert:

  • a quality neck pillow
  • small blanket
  • ear plugs

11. For the Kiddies
How do we keep the kids occupied and comfortable during a flight? If they have their own seat, they are entitled to a carry on as well. Everyone knows the basics: coloring books, toys, iPad, stuffed animal, blankie, etc; but don’t forget the gum! Chewing gum reduces ear pressure, which can sometimes be very painful to children. Motion sickness medication will help if they feel sick, and don’t forget a change of clothes in the event of an accident!

Happy travels to you! If you interested in learning more about how to safely and securely store and organize your jewelry for travel, browse our products or contact us today!

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