The Ultimate Statement Necklace?

Travel with the ultimate statement necklace

Bold statement jewelry is incredibly popular! Statement necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings come in all shapes, sizes, weights and styles, but that's nothing new. Statement jewelry has a long history as a fashion trend...just look at this stunning necklace!

History of a Statement Necklace

The Napoleon Diamond Necklace was commissioned by Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte of France to celebrate the birth of his son with his second wife, Marie Louise of Austria. When she died in 1847, the necklace passed to her sister-in-law, Archduchess Sophie of Austria. (Sophie had two of the diamonds removed and made into earrings,but no one knows what happened to those…) After Sophie died, a whole lot of drama and intrigue ensued. The necklace filtered its way through several family members, survived and was recovered from a nefarious illegal sale by a family member to a New York Diamond dealer. It was then sold to an industrialist, who sold it to the famous jeweler Harry Winston, who then sold it to a wealthy socialte of the day, Marjorie Merriweather Post. Ms. Post donated the necklace to the Smithsonian in 1962. It remains on display there to this day, (learn more about it here).

Keeping Your Statement Jewelry Safe

The Napoleon Necklace is just one example of what can be considered the ultimate statement necklace. While Marie Louise would have had a contingent of French troops to secure her jewelry as she traveled from place to place, all you need is a Velvet Paddock necklace board!

Browse our website for more information on how to keep your statement necklaces safe, organized, and free from loss, damage and tangles.

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