Choosing Jewelry to Take on Your Trip

Packing Your Jewelry: What To Bring? 

You're off on a trip! Maybe it’s a well-deserved vacation, a meeting with a client, to visit relatives, or a last minute getaway. No matter why why you are going, it’s important to determine what jewelry you may need and what you should leave behind. You can’t take every piece with you, so how do you decide which jewelry to pack? Let Velvet Paddock help make those decisions easier for you!

Here are a few tips on how to choose what to pack:

Should I bring valuable pieces?

The rule of thumb when packing jewelry for a trip has always been to leave your most valuable pieces at home, but Velvet Paddock makes it easier to bring your favorites! Consider how long your trip is, and whether or not your jewelry will be readily accessible to you at all times. If it has has significant monetary or sentimental value it may cause you unnecessary stress if you fear a clasp will break, or a stone might come loose from the setting. Now you can be assured that your Velvet Paddock boards will keep all of your jewelry secure and safe, whether it's heirloom jewelry, statement jewelry or just your favorite pieces.

Are you traveling to the beach or an outdoor venue? Are you traveling abroad and staying in a nice hotel? Velvet Paddock goes right in your carry-on or whatever bag you may be carrying, and it even fits securely into most hotel safes!

Choosing the Pieces for Your Trip

Maybe you are staring into your jewelry box and looking at each piece remembering why you were attracted to it to begin with. You may be thinking you can’t leave any of it behind. But, it’s important to think about the environment you’ll be visiting on your trip and any events you may be attending. Jewelry needs will be different based on destinations. This is the perfect time to be a bit more creative with accessories. You may take a few versatile pieces to dress up a few basic outfits, and now you have a way to carry your favorite statement necklaces and jewelry easily.

Keeping it Practical

Try to think ahead and be practical when planning what to bring for your trip. Choose a few items that will pair well with several outfits. If it’s a long trip with special nights out, pack just one or two items to go with the outfit. Other than that, or for shorter trips, just pack a few essentials. If it’s a short weekend trip, you may want to stick with what you can wear on the flight.

Pieces You Don’t Want to Miss

For those who just can’t live without jewelry, here are a few key pieces of jewelry to bring. These will allow for accessorizing but help keep it uncomplicated when traveling.

  • Earrings: You can’t go wrong with simple studs, and adding an inexpensive pair of pearl studs can complement almost any outfit. However, if it's a special or formal occasion, an important business trip, or any kind of event ,you can bring your favorite bangles or hoops with our easy to use jewelry boards!
  • Necklaces: A colorful, oversized signature necklace can take a simple t-shirt or vest from day wear to night. Choose one or two inexpensive statement necklaces that you love, and bring them along with one or two more expensive or intricate necklaces on your trip if you are attending a scheduled affair while you are traveling.
  • Bracelets: It’s easy to find some simple, inexpensive, but attractive bracelets to bring along. They are easy to pack and easily replaced. You may be able to pick up pretty bracelets while you are traveling, especially throughout certain regions. Accessorizing with bracelets is fun and they can be mixed and matched with earrings and outfits.

No matter what you decide to bring, now you can easily mix and match your earrings and bracelets in our luxury velvet earring/necklace board for super easy transport!

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