Choosing the Best Jewelry Organizer For Travel!

Finding the Best Jewelry Organizer: It's All About Choice!

You want the best jewelry organizer for travel, but don't know how to choose? There are a lot of things that make choice your #1 tool for travelling with your favorite jewelry! 

Here are 3 tips for choosing the best jewelry organizer:

1. Research & Development: Velvet Paddock was created by a real woman who loves statement jewelry: bold necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Her research and development was lengthy, detailed, personal, and resulted in a superior product for travel. Velvet Paddock is perfect for statement, fine, or bulky one-of-a-kind pieces that just don't fit into a typical jewerly organizer in any logical way. 

2. Options: Velvet Paddock provides a host of options for what types of jewelry you can easily pack for carrying on an airplane and throughout your travels! You can mix/match chunky pieces and fine chains, arrange your bracelets and earrings in any way you choose, and be assured that you have the pieces you want with you: safe, secure, and readily available.

3. Compact: Velvet Paddock pays attention to the most minute details for packing jewelry, one of which is space. Keeping your jewelry compact and free from tangling is one of the many benefits of this custom jewelry carrier. No more bulky carrier, or bags that force you to dump out all of your jewerly tangled, and having to separate it to access one necklace, earring or bracelet.

When choosing the best jewelry organizer for travel, home and gift giving, Velvet Paddock offers a beautiful way to bring your best!

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