5 Reasons NOT To Wear Jewelry On An Airplane

 Statement Jewelry & Airport Security

The 'case' for packing statement jewelry in your carry-on

No matter how much you love your statement pieces, flying while wearing bulky or robust jewelry presents challenges. How do we know? Because we've done it! Velvet Paddock was born of experience, balancing an equal passion for statement jewelry and travel. The result? A product that actually works.

5 Reasons NOT to wear statement jewelry on an airplane:

1. Uncomfortable - There are a number of ways in which statement jewelry can affect your comfort level, particularly on a long flight.
  • Clasps: Sitting on an airplane, the hair on the back of your head or neck can get tangled from rubbing against the headrest. If you have long or fine hair, or use a neck pillow, it can create a snarly little ball in your hair that pulls. Ouch.
  • Swelling: It’s quite common to experience bloating or swelling during flight. Not a big deal for necklaces and loose bracelets, but cuff bracelets and rings are another matter entirely.
  • In the way: Beautiful bulky bracelets and earrings can be super annoying when you’re sitting on a long flight. You can never completely rest your hands when trying to relax, and large earrings are really in the way when you try to catch some shut-eye. Just not worth the hassle.

2. Damage - Airplane seats are ridiculously tight. If you have ever tried to position yourself to sleep, take off your sweater, lean against the window or gracefully recline your seat, you know it can be as awkward as a Lucille Ball skit. It’s easy to catch something in your necklace, or pull your bracelet on the seat rest. If you are a lover of vintage or unique statement pieces, damage can happen quickly. Keep your favorite pieces safe.

3. Noise: Someone once gave me a silver bracelet with big, fat hollow hearts. I loved that bracelet, but quickly found that the sound of those hollow hearts was just too much. On the airplane, they clattered every time I moved my hands, and banged on the tray table when I had my coffee. Just not worth it...not only an annoyance to me, but to my seat mate.

4. Loss: It happens...we suddenly realize that one of our favorite earrings is missing, or our necklace is gone. If that happens on an airplane, your chances of recovering that special piece are next to nil. No need to risk it!

5. Inspection: Did you know you can leave your jewelry on when you go through screening? That's all well and good, but even if your gorgeous necklace with all of the hand-sculpted adornments isn't metal, anything that looks like it could be a weapon, is studded, or seems like it might conceal something, is fair game for inspection. If you are tagged for a second look, trying to get it off and back on quickly after inspection can be a pain. So, what do you do? Stuff it in your carry-on, and risk losing or damaging it.

The Velvet Paddock solution for jewelry. Finally.

If you have a love of statement jewelry, you know that most jewely travel cases just don't work. Velvet Paddock solves that problem. No matter how large, long or delicate your necklaces are, our necklace boards keep it secure, safe, and discreetly in your travel bag during your trip. Our premium necklace and bracelet travel organizer ensures your baubles, bangles and beads arrive clean, intact, and ready to wear!


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